ilim Tutor is one of a kind online education application that enables you to prepare and conquer JAMB, WAEC, and others. Our online learning platform is custom built, intuitive and easy to use. You can download and install the app for free on iOS and Android.
Yes, for sure! ilim Tutor application contains a wide-array of course materials and tailor-video content that helps in overall preparation for crucial exams. ilim Tutor is an overall preparation tool where you can access thousands of relevant video tutorials and live lessons as per your need.

Using ilim Tutor offers you many benefits: – 

  • Access to a wide-array of curriculum-relevant video tutorials 
  • Complete access to live lessons
  • Self-paced learning module 
  • High-rich data analytics  
  • Fun and interactive way to learn

ilim Tutor is one-step-solution to your learning plan. 

Yes, ilim Tutor is currently available in application format. Which means it can be used only on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. The application is absolutely free to download. Click here to download the app now.  

ilim Tutor is an online mobile application designed for faster learning. To access the content seamlessly on our app your smartphone should be connected to mobile data or Wi-fi. You can switch on the data while using the application and keep it switch-off when not in use.

When you pay online with your debit/credit card then your subscription will get activated automatically. In case, it does not, then kindly reach out to us over a call or WhatsApp on 081-311-77533 and we will fix it for you! You can also write an email to us at admin@ilimtutor.com about the issue you are facing. 

With ilim Tutor all user accounts get an automatic upgrade once the payment confirmation is done. Although it is done immediately, we give a maximum of 24 hours to our users. In case even after 24 hours your account is still not upgraded then you call us on 081-311-77533 or email us at admin@ilimtutor.com. We will fix it for you. 

Yes, you can easily change your mobile phone number. For this, first, sign up to ilim Tutor app with a new number. Then send us an email, call us or WhatsApp us. We will fix it for you. Remember if you are writing to us; ensure to give both old as well as new phone numbers. 

This could be a technical issue. It mostly happens when the application is not correctly installed on your smartphone. Try logging out and then log back in again. In case the videos still don’t play, then re-install the application. You can call us anytime and we will fix it for you. 

At Ilim Tutor we bring you one-step-closer to achieve success in a variety of subjects. You can get easy access to comprehensive course material on English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Geography etc. Download the application to know more!