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Prepare to conquer the JAMB with ilim Tutor’s experienced teachers, prerecorded lessons, practice exams, and more.


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More Than an App

ilim Tutor is more than an app. It’s an online learning platform that’s custom built to help students like you succeed. And best of all, it’s intuitive and easy to use. So, you can focus on what’s most important… exam success.

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Designed to Guarantee Your Success

Our teachers understand the most popular university exams inside and out. They have years of experience teaching and coaching students around the country on how to get the highest scores possible. And now, they’re making all of that knowledge available to you through prerecorded video lessons that deal with every subject covered on the JAMB, WAEC, and others.

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A Unique Pedagogy.

We teach students to think for themselves instead of relying on stock answers. Using the latest teaching tools, such as mind maps, storytelling, and more, we’ll help you solve problems on your own.

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Tailored Video Lessons.

Every video lesson is carefully crafted by a veteran teacher who understands the most essential information students need for these vital exams – and how to get them to remember it.

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An Intuitive Interface.

ilim Tutor is designed to make the learning process as simple as possible. In less than a minute, you’ll be able to navigate lessons, watch videos, try practice exams, and more.

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Our team of expert teachers have dedicated themselves to producing content that keeps students’ interest and communicates core information in an easy-to-understand way. Whether you’ve had prior exam prep or not, our videos will be able to fill in the gaps of your understanding.

Each video lesson comes with a comprehensive set of notes that includes key points and other important information. After watching a video lesson, you can easily review it without having to hit the replay button.

Like anything else worth doing, the key to exam success is practice. And you’ll find plenty of practice questions at the end of each lesson, enabling you to discover whether you’ve understood the material as well as you think.


Exam success is only a click away. Subscribe to ilim Tutor today and get started on the path to academic excellence – and the university of your dreams.

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